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About page
Owner: State Geological Service of Latvia
Copyright information: Publication of information from this homepage without prior agreement with the owner - State Geological Service of Latvia - is prohibited! The publication of photographs published on this homepage is prohibited without prior agreement with author - Gatis Pavils. Author has got more and better photographs than the ones presented here. If you would like to publish these - author gladly would like to assist you in this!
Goal: Informing the public in Latvia and abroad about valuable geological monuments - waterfalls in Latvia and abroad, their origin and classification.
Liabilities: Author of the homepage and the owners can not take the responsibilities about potential damages done by any other persons with the help of information published here. In good faith we have attempted to give less information about monuments which need specific protection.
Responsibility about Your experiences when using this information: Unfortunately we can not guarantee Your safety when visiting the sites mentioned here. You can have unpleasant communication with fierce dogs (killers of Latvian country tourism), sore landowners, bloodthirsty ticks and other unpleasing fellow-citizens. Your can get hurt or You can simply get lost, be poured out, smear your dress and finally experience disappointment about the result of your trip. We try to warn you about this, bet we can not be held responsible about this.
Limitations: Here we have included information about nature monuments located in strictly protected nature reserves. This homepage is Your opportunity to learn about these monuments. To visit strict nature reserves and these monuments without due permission is prohibited!
Datu bāze Source of information: The Latvian nature and cultural heritage database owned by Gatis Pavils. In the latter there is included information about some 13 700 natural and culture monuments in the area of Latvia. Information is obtained by the use of some 400 sources, including the information obtained by author in his travels. Author has got no illusions about absoluteness and accuracy of information in this homepage - rather quite the opposite. So - please use this information with friendly scepsis. I would be grateful about Your corrections, additions and simple comments. It is expected that this page will have frequent updates and valuable comments definitely would be taken into account.
Last changes: January 2004