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Highest waterfalls of the world
Waterfalls with the height above 300 meters.
Estonian waterfalls
In Estonia there are located several of the most impressive Baltic waterfalls. Here - descriptions of 36 Estonian waterfalls.
There is no land and culture where people would be indifferent towards waterfalls. This phenomenon of nature is less dangerous than volcanoes, sea or the rivers themselves. In spite of this among people of the world there is widespread belief that in the great waterfalls there are living evil spirits. It is not hard to believe in this when you hear the roar and enormous force of the great waterfalls of the world.
Some waterfalls have become a cornerstone of regional or even national tourism industry. Small "worlds" of relative economical and even political stability are around the big trio of world waterfalls - Victoria, Iguazu and Niagara. Here nature has created unprecedented sight and people are coming here from any place of the world. It is just necessary to prove that you can assist them when they visit these places, and the future of you and your children seems to be secured...
Sometimes strange business interests interfere, ruining the lifes of many for the profit of few and depriving the world of the beauty. The greatest waterfall of the world - Guaira (Brasil/Paraguay) - is lost under the waters of Itaipu Dam. In last years almost no water comes to the great Tissisat waterfall (Ethiopia) due to the Tis Abbay II hydro power plant. Several unique waterfalls have been lost in Uganda.
Still there are enough great waterfalls in the world - we just can wish you to have more possibilities to visit and see them!